I recently talked about the fact that I will be entering into a figure competition in May.  This is a super exciting/nerve wracking time for me.  Just the thought of doing it makes me an excited bundle of nerves.  Like most people who do new things I want to be successful.  To help keep me on the path to success I have shared my goals with family and friends.  I get a lot of good support but I think the number one reaction I get is a nose wrinkle, squint and “you aren’t going to get too big are you”.

I assure them I will not be “too” big.  I try to explain the difference between bikini, figure and physique.  I will then show them what I refer to as my Instagram crushes.  My two favorites are Nicole Wilkins and Sophie Arvebrink.  Seriously, if you haven’t looked them up go do it now, I will wait.  They are adorable and have amazing shapes!   Now these ladies do figure work.  They are muscular but not overly so.  I find their shape amazing.  They do have some broader shoulders but it doesn’t look disproportionate to their bodies.  This is a body type that took some obvious work and dedication.

Almost every time I hear “Oh no.  Her shoulders are too big”.  And every time I sigh in exasperation.  The legs and butt seem to be easily accepted but the upper body is still a region of taboo.  Problem is how funny would they look if they did no arm/shoulder work and focused on legs and booty only?  How many times have we seen dudes who skip leg day?  Let’s not skip shoulder day ladies!

But it can be very disheartening to hear.  The very look that I will be striving to share a category with is considered “gross” by some of my loved ones.  Nobody wants to feel like they appear physically unattractive to those whose opinions mean the most. 
It is OK to have personal preference and opinion.  That is what helps this little world go round.  I don’t find the top of the tier body building women’s look would work well for me.  That’s the kicker, the “for me” part.  I can appreciate the time, dedication and sacrifices those women have put into changing their bodies.  The hours in gym and the science of calculating food in the kitchen.  How much ridicule do you think those 
women have to live with?  

Anyone who is striving to do a body related competition is already going to have a melee of challenges.  Obstacles regarding food/diet (social situations anyone?), balancing gym and home life.  They really don’t need to hear the discouraging words that you think they are “disgusting”, “gross”, or “too big”.  If you feel that your opinion would add value to the situation try to phrase things a bit more tactful.  Remember that there is a person attached to that body that has very real feelings.