Competitor Blog: Bread like things - a review

I am an amazingly lazy cook. I love eating but I hate cooking. I think it’s a chore from the devil. How can something so awful and labor intensive be required several times a day?! I wish that I enjoyed it but I just don’t.

I love sandwiches because I am busy person. I don’t want to have to slow down and bust out a full service of silverware at every meal. I also hate washing all those dishes. Unfortunately, sandwiches typically require bread and therefore carbs. Don’t try and tell me to wrap it in lettuce; those suggestions will get you punched. Recently I found these little foldy sandwich thin things, FoldIts. It’s made by FlatOut which has a couple things I have tried and been very happy with. I selected the Ancient Grains variety as it had the most protein, sitting at 10g per serving (3 fat and 17 carb). The bread is the right balance between fluffy and the good kind of chewy. It doesn’t taste grainy or like dirt. I think I like these better than typical sandwiches because they keep my hands even cleaner since there is a folded edge! I like these better than wraps because they give more bread like substance.

One of the other items I have tried is called Artisan Pizza Crust by FlatOut. It’s an incredibly thin crust that cooks remarkably fast. I have made BBQ chicken pizza and buffalo pizza on these. It takes less than 10 minutes to get a meal completed. I think I spend more time weighing my ingredients than baking the pizza. The rosemary and olive oil one is my favorite and has 6g protein, 25g carbs, and 1g of fat. This is similar carbs to a slice of bread but it has a much larger surface area and you can really spread your protein toppings out over the top. Since this is so thin the crust does tend to get a little floppy but the edges will crisp up nicely.

The thing about IIFYM that I love is the flexibility to still eat things that I want to eat. Any diet out there that forbids certain things is sure to set you up for failure. Does this mean I get to eat whatever I want whenever? No. But it leaves me the choice to make the decision (and sometimes sacrifices) for things that I really want to eat. What tricks have you figured out to get the things you enjoy back onto your plate?