What? You Mean I'm Only a Victim in My Own Head?

So full disclosure – I rarely want to go to my training session. It’s always at the end of my workday and all I really want to do is pour a glass of wine the size of my head and feel sorry for myself (I even like my job so it’s that stupid). Then I go and not only do I feel good but I feel GREAT! I feel F*****G GREAT!

Mike’s positivity and Biz’s incredibly hilarious sense of humor are a big part of that but there’s more. There’s something about the high intensity mixed with full body strength training that gives me the biggest boost of feel-good hormones or neurochemicals or something. I’ve noticed it when I do one of Mike’s recommended workouts on my own too. Nothing shuts up that stupid self-pitying voice in my head like rising to a challenge, even if I need help getting my lazy arse there by having to meet my workout buddy and trainer. Worth it.

I’m sure there’s some science out there to explain it. I used to work in mental health and I wonder how it affects brain chemistry. I always used to recommend exercise to clients but never strength and circuit training specifically. It’s really the best high because not only do you feel better physically but you can feel good mentally about doing something for your health…and eat a much larger dinner with a head-sized glass of wine with no self pity needed.

A few other things I learned:
  •  Mike knows how to make it just hard enough to bring me to the edge but not so hard I give up and try to punch him with my dead arms.
  • You can’t take a good pic of a kettle bell swing with a cell phone camera.
  • It’s very hard to take a pic of Biz doing a kettle bell swing without getting substantial cleavage in the picture.
  • It’s a better workout if you’re laughing most of the time.