The Fitness industry is a 60 billion a year business. Take a minute to think of all the things you see on a regular basis to lose weight. Wraps, HCG, P90x, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Garcinia, Master Cleanse, Slim Fast, Overeaters Anonymous. Then there are more drastic measures, liposuction, gastric bypass, lap-band, pharmaceutical grade amphetamines. It is absolutely out of control.

Why do we fall victim to these things that we know are either not sustainable or part of a multilevel marketing scheme? Why is it so hard to get fit in America?

We have a trifecta of cards stacked against us. Our food is weird, exercise is hard and our lives are mostly sedentary. Everybody that I know has something about themselves that they either dislike or blatantly hate. That is where the marketing comes in. Hate your belly? Wrap it! Scared of the gym? P90x! Want to do nothing? Diet pills! None of these work? Amphetamines and surgery!

As I mature in my fitness journey I am learning that anything that has a commercial is probably not going to work. You know what doesn't have commercials? Organic chicken breast and squats. Nope, none.

Now don't get me wrong, doing a fitness video and counting your WW Points Plus, that can be a great way to start. It really can be but it is hard to decipher in the beginning what is fact and what is crap.

Let me be really honest here, before I found lifting weights and counting my macros I had tried... Weight Watchers (-50lbs +40lbs), Master Cleanse (-12lbs +18lbs),The HCG diet (-40lbs +40lbs), Tae Bo haha remember that? (-0), 12 step eating plans (-18, +16) running, barfing, and everything in between. None of which was sustainable. I would always end up hurt trying to do a workout video and going hard in the paint straight away. Burnt out and starving on 1200 calories of string cheese and lettuce. Quit and hate myself again,

Here I am after 20 years of dieting and trying everything under the rainbow to get the body I want, except doing the things that get the body I want. Here is what I have found is absolutely sustainable. Okay brace yourselves its a kicker!

... Not eating like shit most of the time and training my body. Treating it like I love it. Not paying $59.95 to lose 30 lbs in a week. By following this concept most of the last few years I am strong. I can eat fairly normally without becoming obsessive and my body in return is healthy. This is not to say that I don't have progress to make, but there is not drastic highs and lows, my money goes towards a trainer, a gym membership and food- real food.

Someone is raking in the (financial) gains off these products. They end up rich and we're just left fat.