Stupid non-linear progress

I have felt like I wasnt making progress as fast as I would like so I have decided to modify my diet a little bit. I am not the type of person who gains AND loses easily. I gain easily and losing weight is terribly difficult for me. Over the next 30 days I have cut out a bunch of foods. Its a bit of a get back to basics for me. Not that any foods are in and of themselves bad, but more of a spring cleaning. My diet is consisting of fruit, vegetables, meats, and fats. No sugars, dairy, beans, or grains. In hopes that as I add them back in maybe I can narrow down somethings that don't react well with me. I have sensed that I have some food allergies for a while. I have successfully cut out gluten because I have an autoimmune disease and it messes with my thyroid, but I also find myself reacting to other foods as well. It is not uncommon for me to breakout in a red rash on my cheeks and chest after I eat. I really have no idea what causes it because so many of my foods have multiple ingredients and there is no way to pin it down. Taking into consideration that I am having a visible reaction who knows what is going on inside of me. I feel like there is probably some connection between food my issues and my weight loss struggles.

Now, generally I follow IIFYM it gives me the freedom to eat a wide range of foods and not feel deprived. I have tried dozens and dozens of eating plans and while I feel like IIFYM is the most difficult it is also the easiest. It requires tracking and weighing=difficult, but it also has the potential of letting me eat out on occasion and fitting treats into my everyday life=easy.

So here I am 12 days deep into my super bro diet and I'm really not down much weight at all-like half a pound in conjunction with my body fat actually being UP!. I really wish weight would come off easier for me, but it definitely does not. Most the time I get a little annoyed when I feel my progress does not parallel my effort--BUT TODAY I WAS PISSED. Not to mention my cat peed in my sock basket and I didn't realize it until my feet were hot. MMmm hot cat pee! I was angry enough that I barely said a word, not to my training partner, not to my trainer. On my way home, I considered getting pizza. I tend to be a "screw you, I do what I want" type of person but luckily I had my gym buddy (*See previous blog) so there was no way that was going to fly. I angrily dropped her off at home and went straight back to the gym.

I did a 20 minute session of tabata running on the treadmill, followed by a HIIT on the stair stepper. I was a sweaty mess. I tend to opt for some hardcore screamy rock when I'm at the gym, think Marilyn Manson or Rage Against the Machine but I opted for something lighter. I was able to close my eyes and just zone out a bit. For the first time I just let go, I embraced the fact that each day I am doing what I am supposed to do. I am hitting the gym 5+ times a week, I'm eating lean protein and sticking to my plan.

I left the gym wet from neck to butt and reeking of hot cat pee, but it was cool. I was okay with it. I decided to get me some new fun protein and drove over to Max Muscle in Eugene where you get to try anything you want. I bought my first gallon of MuscleEgg and some egg nog flavored protein powder.

No pizza, just protein and more hard work. If I'm ever going to get where I want to be I cant let a bi-monthly stats check send me off the deep end.