I spectated my first competition!

Surfing publicity photos and Instagram feeds all the images I see are smooth and polished forms, not a hair out of place or a wrinkle to be seen.  That is completely understandable.  Who wants to air the image of themselves where they have bags under their eyes and they are in a ratty tank and gym shorts when they have a polished, posh photo everyone will gush over?  Sure there will be the occasional sweaty pic, this is fitness after all, but a lot of them just look so glamourous. 

Recently, I went with a friend to spectate our first fitness competition.  We decided we better go and see what we were in for in the future.  Having never attended one before I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  In my mind I could picture tons of people at the top of their game, tanned and glistening.  

I found it very reassuring to see bodies that actually had signs of living life.  Mommy tummy’s with stretch marks, one female competitor without hair presumably battling some life issue, some body parts jiggling despite the fitness aspect.  A couple ladies where shaking they were so nervous!  I wanted to give them a hug.  It helped to see that these women were not air brushed perfection.  They lived life and they worked hard to achieve goals.  

I still have lots of ladies on my Instagram that look perfectly poised but my favorites look like they are living real life.  They are sweaty and lifting and doing more than a perfected duck lip into the camera.  I get it.  I like to show of how cute I look when I am working out too but I find it MORE reassuring to know there are others out there swearing and struggling through their work out too.

May is the month that I will be entering into my first competition.  I am going to strive for figure.  It's nerve wracking to think about getting on a stage in high heels and sparkly underpants in front of a bunch of strangers I have asked to judge me on appearance but that is what I am going to do.  I may not be smooth perfection but I hope to have my hard work shine through.  Wish me luck!