Meal management bags.

Meal management bags.  Are they worth the hype?  If you aren’t sure what a meal management bag is, take a second and use the Google machine.  There are a variety of brands and styles out there.  Basically they are a fancy lunch box (meal box because you will use them for more than just lunch).  I have seen from a very basic utilitarian lunch box style to duffle bag to back pack to fancy looking purse.  Another thing you will most likely notice when you Google this item is the price….yowch!  So that brings us back to the question, are meal management bags worth it?

I can’t vouch for all of them on the market.  As with all things I am sure some are better than others, but I have personally used the 6 pack bags.  You will find they are one of the more popular bags out there that come up in your internet searches.  I have the backpack style and I love it!  It keeps my food very cold all day and I have space in the backpack to bring other things with me, like gym clothes for after work.  It simplifies my crazy life on the go because I can pack food to bring with me on my errands and ensure that I have acceptable food that fits within my macros within my reach at all times.  I don’t know about you but if I get hungry and start to devour everything.  Usually the fattier and sugary the better.  This bag as seriously saved my tail so many times because I was able to scarf down a cottage cheese before heading into the next store.

Are these bags large?  Yes.  But I am not sure how you would expect to fit almost a whole day’s worth of food into a small bag.  The backpack I have is meant to pack several meals in.  It holds everything nicely in its own little shelf compartment and has a zipper pouch for the utensils.  The ice packs that come with the bag are fairly thin and I haven’t had any issue with them not staying frozen long enough.  I am not sure what type of voodoo magic the company used in the meal compartment but my food stays colder, longer, than any other lunch box I have used in the past.

If you are interested in picking up one of these bad boys may I suggest checking Ebay first.  That is where I got my bag from.  It is used but looked brand new.  The girl was selling it because it was simply too large for her.  I got it for nearly half the price!

Do you have a meal management bag?  What do you love or hate about it?