Drink Your Water!

I am told to make sure I am drinking enough water.  If only it was as easy as simply drinking water.  But the amount of water I want to drink is absurdly little and the amount of water Mike wants me to drink is absurdly more than that.  Here are some little quirks I have learned about myself: I drink more water when there is a straw or a narrow opening.  I hate getting splashed in the face by water sloshing out of the cup exuberantly.  Also, I like my water to be frosty cold.  I can drink water at other temperatures but I definitely do NOT want to! 

I like the straw cups and such but the problem is they don’t stay super cold for that long.  Someone recently showed me an amazing real life testimony on the HydroFlask.  She had one full of ice and mentioned she put too much ice in it.  I was like nah that will thaw, mine always do.  The next day she tells me she left her HydroFlask over night to do her sales pitch.  She opened the bottle and it was still almost full of ice.  Say whaaaat?!  This makes me very excited.  And the HydroFlask has options for straw and flip top sipper lids!  I also like the fact that they tell you the lids besides the standard are not water tight.  Meaning if you toss it haphazardly into the car seat it will leak.  I can’t tell you how many times I have gambled on a water bottle and made the wrong choice and ended up with a puddle somewhere in my car.  Here are a few more pros; they have a variety of sizes.  They can be used for hot and cold beverages.  They have a pretty good assortment of colors too!  The only down side to them are the price and maybe the weight.  These babies are spendy, yes, but worth every penny.  I got the second largest one I could find.  It holds 40 ounces of water and keeps it ice cold, even when I leave it in the hot car while I am doing errands.

So now I drag my HydroFlask with me everywhere.  I have learned to work within my quirks and drink more water.  Cheers!