Sometimes Life Explodes

You are going along through life.  Everything seems good.  There are few things that make life inconvenient but not unbearable and then all of the sudden life explodes!  It’s like a landslide of things that keep happening.  Before you know it you want to curl into the fetal position, eat your weight in Cheetos while crying into a rum and Coke.  You are completely overwhelmed.

This happened to me recently.  As we started to slide into the holiday season things just started to pile on up.  My kids got sick, my littlest gets viral induced asthma so it’s a huge ordeal that lasts a loooong time.  Then the dryer broke, then the car broke down out of town, then the TV broke, the car needs long term help, I stepped on a nail, all three of us need new glasses.  It’s just one expensive item after another.  I felt completely overwhelmed and underfunded.

Typically, I would go ahead and comfort myself through food without much thought.  Except for maybe additional self-loathing after I ate my 20 piece chicken mcnugget, large fry, and 3 gallon soda.  This time I tried to eliminate the stress in the gym.  Some days it helped.  Other days my heart was not in it.  But I kept going.  Not going wasn’t going to fix anything that was wrong.

As much as I felt like not going to the gym some days.  Like it was another “chore” that had to be done and added to my list of stuff, I still went.  I didn’t let the habit get broken.  Bit by bit life started returning to normal.  The stages of grief were working their way through and I was starting to feel more normal.  

Were all my problems fixed by going to the gym?  No.  But they aren’t going to be fixed by falling head first into an endless food binge or pity party.  Giving in to temporary satisfaction will not help me in my long term goals. Throwing around heavy things while listening to Zombie probably helped more than I know.