Live Life

It sounds redundant to say but live life. You think of course I am living life. If I wasn’t alive how could I read this awesome blog post? Pssshhh, someone has lost their marbles, clearly. But when I say life your live I mean engage in life.

Prepping for this competition is going to into high gear now. With that, I start to pour more of myself into my workouts and thinking about competition things. I know I can’t be the only who’s time is a hot commodity. Trying to divide myself between all the things can be difficult on a good day. I realize these next few months are going to be more difficult for me to get out and meet my social aspect of life. But difficulty doesn’t mean impossibility.

I plan on living my life. I want to spend meaningful time with my family. Kids really just want your attention even in the little things. My littlest loves to work out with me. So sometimes I make a point to do a workout at home that may have a lot of pauses but she can join too. I need to slow down and play board games with them. Even if we are eating different food just being able to all sit down to eat dinner together is great. The family is relationship number one.

I do love being a social butterfly. I enjoy going out with friends, parties, dancing and other social gatherings. These can be a huge diet hurdle. Often at social gatherings there is a generous sprinkling of food and drink. Most of these the most delicious calorie, carb dense foods imaginable. One night of binging can set you WAY back, no matter how much you say you will work out, you won’t. I recently went to a party. I successfully avoided the food and drink. Was it easy, no. Was it worth it, absolutely. Eating a large dinner prior to going out to keep me full helped. Unfortunately, some parties have people who are exuberant and feel like you need to drink to have fun (this is a lie by the way). Carrying around a cup of water or doing DD duty will help keep you from being hassled. Or just tell them no. Although keep in mind saying a simple no is sometimes more work.
Must resist temptation!

Share your goals with your friends and family. Often times people want you to feel included and happy. Eating and drinking always seem to be entwined with perceived happiness. If you explain that you have a competition and eating a certain way loved ones do try to understand, even if they don’t fully understand.

It won’t be easy to balance it all. There will be very difficult days. It will take planning and balancing. Just remember life is MORE than weight lifting and protein shakes. It is friends, families and smiles as well.