Gym Friends

If you are anything like me you have a large of assortment of interests.  Reading books, knitting, sewing, parenting successfully, running and going to the gym to name a few.  You may also notice that you have a friend base that has some people who love knitting, for example, but wouldn’t be interested in running.  Your knitter friend could be an invaluable resource to your knitting.  They would try to support you in your running endeavors because that’s what friends do but they really couldn’t find the joy or value in the activity quite like you do.  And that’s OK.  Not everyone is a cookie cutter copy of someone else and it would be boring if they were.

Making friends who have a similar goal or drive for the gym is really an invaluable resource.  I have some friends in real life that I can message about my lack of will to go to the gym and they will offer to meet me there.  It helps to pull me out of my funk and into the gym.  A work out goes by quicker when you are able to laugh and socialize a little.  Please note: socializing at the gym does not mean parking your butt on a machine and talking while doing *maybe* one set.  It means bust your ass and take your turn talking on your rotation!

I also have virtual friends.  These are workout groups I have joined on social media.  These are super nice to have because it’s like having a larger cheering section.  They want you to succeed and they are excited when you have a victory to share.  Again, please note: there are some really catty, snotty, horrible people out there.  You may need to cull out the groups that you stay in or post in.  Some people just won’t be happy for you.  You don’t need that noise.

Sometimes I share a sweaty selfie or a flex Friday post with the general masses but for the most part I share with my friends who have the same drive.  Most of my friends can be excited for me but because they don’t live the life, don’t experience the everyday challenges of trying to change their body in a specific way, they don’t fully appreciate what I am trying to accomplish.  My gym friends understand, not only my love of cake, but the strength that was necessary to turn it down.  My gym friends will notice that subtle shadow of a muscle or that my butt looks good in my new leggings and it isn’t weird when they mention it.

So look around.  Do you have any friends that can help you in your gym journey?  Anyone who would love to celebrate your victories and keep you moving in a positive direction?  Go out there and make some friends!