Be Mindful of Your Words

We have all heard about the science experiments of the plants or rice being talked to nice vs. being talked to mean and how the nice one flourishes and the mean one wilts or spoils quicker.  This experiment is to show the power of our words on lives.  If it can effect a non-animate life how is this on animate lives?

I am my own worst enemy, like most people are.  I can be so mean to myself and it doesn’t serve any purpose.  I have been striving in my advancing years to get better about positive self-talk.  Nothing has catapulted my motivation forward further than having kids.  I have two beautiful little girls who are looking to me to show them how to navigate life.  To those girls I am a beautiful being even when I have a crazy bun on my head, ratty jeans, sweat dripping down my nose, and dirt smeared across my makeup-less face.  To them my body is perfect even when I look like I am in my second trimester of pregnancy from the massive burrito I just massacred.  They don’t look at the shrinking size of my bra and think less of me.  To them I am perfect in my imperfections.

That is why I am especially careful not to poke too much at my stubborn belly pooch aka the snack pack.  I have explained to them I don’t think that I am fat and that is why I am following a diet.  I am following a diet because I am in a competition that I am changing the way my body looks for.  I am *choosing* not to eat a cookie because I am training not because I think I am fat.

When I hear my nine year old voice her fears that she doesn’t want to get “fat” my heart breaks.  Nine year olds should be worried about when they will be able to go out and ride their bike or play with their friends not about the size and shape of their bodies.  I told her that no one gets dictate the size and shape of her body but her, it isn’t anyone else’s business.  I will still encourage my kids to eat healthy varied diets and get outside and play because that’s a good life skill.  But I will also still give my kids ice cream after dinner some nights and sometimes cake for breakfast because it’s fun and what is life without fun?

The point of all this is to make sure that you are really thinking through your statements before they cross your lips.  You may have little ears with fertile minds catching all your words and planting the seeds of doubt in themselves and their perception of you.  You may be tearing yourself down and vocalizing it just dings against the psyche even more.  List off what you love, like or is your favorite thing about you.  Society has somehow twisted us to not even be able to take a compliment from ourselves.  It’s OK to like yourself.  Here I will go first: my eyes are my favorite feature and I love that I don’t pee when I sneeze (moms know what’s up).  Trust me it’s hard but it’s worth it.  And when your brain throws out your imperfections acknowledge and move on.  You are a superhero.  You are amazing.