It Arrived!

Super exciting things happened recently! I ordered my competition suit and it FINALLY arrived!  Come on people squeal with joy for me.

Ordering this suit was a month long ordeal.  I hmm’d and hawed over various manufacturers, suit colors and bejeweled vs. no jewels.  These suits are no laughing matter!  They are not cheap and you don’t want to look cheap either.

I finally decided on a basic suit from Ravish Sands.  I had heard the name used quite a bit and never as a curse.  The amount of fabric colors they have to choose from is extensive.  You can order swatches to be shipped to you so you can see/feel the actual material if you want.  They have a generous variety of connectors for the middle piece, hips, and the top ties.  It’s a little weird to be looking at such tiny bikinis at work but I needed the time to stare and stew on all my options.

The staff at Ravish Sands where great.  They put up with my littering of emails with prompt replies and honest opinions.  When I finally felt brave enough to submit my order they were kind enough to call me and go over my order and make sure I was comfortable with my options.  I may have mentioned my fear that my high crack might peak out of such a little bottom. 

I ordered my suit with no additional jewels on the tops or bottoms, aside from the connectors.  My mother was kind enough to volunteer to bejewel it for me.  So her and I hmm’d and hawed over the just right crystal color (Swarovski, which I can NOT pronounce for the life of me, of course) and then over jewel pattern/idea. 

So I will post a pic of me in my suit as it is now.  Just know that you need to come to my show to see me in my festooned, tiny bikini.  I hope to see you guys there!!