Sweet Tooth

I love sweets and baked goods. All kinds; scones, brownies, rice crispy treats, ice cream, cake, candy bars, all of it. Unfortunately, these items are not very conducive to fitting in the macro plan. Don’t get me wrong, I *can* make them fit. But I cannot make them fit in the quantity I want and sometimes not if I actually want to eat other things for the day. Having this knowledge does not make my sweet tooth disappear. 

If it isn’t bad enough that I love sweets, I hate anything sweetened with low calorie anything. Stevia is frickin’ gross, in my humble opinion. I have tried so hard. I read a recipe and think "let’s give it a whirl as written". And then Stevia happens. I force myself to eat it because I have already logged that crap into MFP and I refuse to recalculate. But it is far from the "treat" I was supposed to be indulging in!

I have found myself a little ray of sunshine that helps to fill the sweet tooth urge as well as the snacky urge. You know the snackies? Where you sit and shovel something in your mouth, it has a good crunch, flavor and is great for grazing over time. What helps me is dry cereal. The sugary, forbidden cereal of your youth is great. If I were to put milk on it I would power through and then be left bummed I only had one cup but dry takes more work but is still very tasty!

The two that I have on the shelf right now are Trix and Cookie Crisp. I can usually fit about half to one cup into my macros a day. It’s visually pleasing to see that much cereal in a Ziploc. My tip is to measure it out and then immediately put the box in an inconvenient location. That way your grazing will not overflow to the whole box.

I enjoy my cereal, typically, after lunch or dinner. That way I am not starving and I am getting that dessert feeling that I crave to fill. Sometimes I spread it out over time. Sometimes I plow through my rations stuffing them as fast as I can into my food hole. It really just depends how I am feeling but either way I feel pretty awesome about the fact it fits in my macros AND it’s sweet!