I have this aura about me that I like to portray that I am a bad ass and "I don't need nobody". Its funny that I like to play like I'm some tough guy that can do everything on my own, but truly I'm kind'ove a baby and possibly co-dependent. Ironically I ended up in the last week with two different gym buddies. One for days with the trainer and one for my other 3 lifting days. I had a feeling that a gym partner would be some dead weight that I would have to carry when I struggle on my own.



I would highly encourage everybody to see if you have someone in your fitness life that helps you! Someone to notice your gains, someone to spot your amazing PR's someone to tell you your new gym pants are not squat proof and the goods are peeping through.

My gym buddies look like this: I have one friend that is new-ish to lifting so I get to mother her. Show her all the fun stuff that I do with the trainer and watch her gains blossom into beautiful quads and get to share in the whiny DOMS texts the next day.

My other gym partner is by no means a fitness novice. Her and I lift similar amounts and have enough pride between us to fill the chalk bucket -pushing us to try a little harder (I have about 8 inches and 30lbs on her so truly she is winning because she is tiny)

and I have a cyber gym buddy that trains at the same gym, we get to chat about all the torturous things Mike is having us do and share hilarious gym memes and macro delights.

There are many reasons to find a gym buddy. First of all they help you to reach your fitness goals. Social support is a touch stone to progress in any area of your life, so if you have somebody that is going through it you are more likely to persevere rather than just quit when it gets hard. Secondly, it is easier to try new things. If you are apprehensive to try that crazy machine making a good time of it and laughing together when someone falls out of it and hits their face (usually me) Its less scary in the beginning to do things out of your comfort zone. One of the most important things about lifting is form, if your form is bad often times youd be better off to just not do the movement at all! Having a buddy in tow is a good way to have someone assure that you are not breaking your back lifting all the things.

If you are just getting into fitness or if you've been here forever, survey your crew. See if you can either find someone to lead or someone to walk beside you. There is strength in numbers