Competitor Blog: Changing Protein

My favorite thing to hear at the doctor’s is the phrase “as we age”. Thanks jerk face for yet another reminder that I am getting older. The ever increasing collection of white hair that rivals a unicorn wasn’t enough or the fact that I feel 9:00 pm is going to bed late. But lately I experienced one of these conversations when I went to the doctor for my skin that was breaking out like a pubescent teenager. It seems, as we age, our hormones change and that could be the cause of my breakouts. The doctor prescribed some medicine which is supposed to help (and keep me from clawing my skin off my face) and also recommended that I switch from whey protein to a vegetable based protein. Of course because I just opened a brand new bag of whey protein open.

So I journeyed down to the supplement store to see if I could discover a vegetable protein that was: 
  • High in protein without requiring a million servings 
  • Didn’t taste like crusty tree bark 
  • Wouldn’t cost me my first born
Now as you can imagine the vegetable protein section of the supplement store is fairly small but there was about 7 or so different types of protein there. I chose to select mine based off protein amount, then fat amount, then carb amount. I wanted to get the most protein for my buck. I selected the Vega Sport in chocolate. One full scoop supplies you with 30 g of protein. 

So off I went, new protein in hand and a heart full of hope. I really didn’t know what to expect. The guy at the store had a sample of another brand and it didn’t leave me with a longing for more. But this is protein powder. I don’t think I will ever be sitting at home and think “Dang! You know what I could use? A refreshing protein shake.”

Here is my experience with it thus far. Do not let it sit around, you will regret it. I mixed up a shake and then my youngest wanted some snuggles before bed. I had drank about half of it and left it for maybe 10 minutes. When I came back and gave it a shake it felt weird but my brain was like “nah, girl you are good”. So I take a big ol’ swing. Mother of God! My “drink” has turned into a thick gelatinous mass. I choked it down because, well, it’s weighed and in my food tracker so I have to. But every time I have to try I gag and die a little inside.

Even though I bought it reading the 30 g of protein I usually only do half a scoop, which is also listed on the label. I feel like the listing of the 30g was a sneaky way to get suckers like me looking for a high protein point reeled in. This is 9 under my previous whey protein and leaves my a little more prone to needing a second protein shake. Which for weird reasons I never want to do.

The flavor is chocolate-esque. In my opinion it is a little sickly sweet. I imagine that is because they use stevia to sweeten it. I HATE stevia in most things but I digress. I usually will drink my protein with my fiber supplement. Believe it or not I like this protein way better with the fiber then I did my other shake. The fiber supplement mellows out the over sweet and the texture seems to improve.

My husband has remarked how big of a mess I seem to be making with this new powder. Be warned: vegetable based protein powder likes to go EVERYWHERE. It seems to clump in the scoop and even cling to a spoon. So you end up trying to dislodge a significant portion of the powder from the scoop and subsequently flinging it. Or not realizing there is more in the scoop that decides it will dislodge midway between shaker cup and container. It isn’t just this brand either. I purchased another brand without flavor to try baking with and it does the same thing.

All in all I will survive with my vegetable protein. I have figured out some tricks like: 
  • Use more water than I am used to 
  • Always drink it with my fiber 
  • Drink it quick, this isn’t a shake for savoring 
I hope my trials and tribulations in the protein kingdom has helped you should you decide you need to branch out to a different supplement type.