My Saving Grace

Food prep.  Most of you know about it.  It’s a huge convenience being able to go to the fridge and pull out a day’s lunch and not have to worry about macros being screwed up.  You already know the macros on this meal and it’s going to be way more filling than anything you can scrounge up through a drive-thru.

The downside of meal prep is you actually have to prep your meals.  For me the thought of planning and prepping food makes me feel overwhelmed and I want to take a nap.  I know that my future self with thank my past self but I *hate* cooking. 

I wasn't ready, emotionally, to be done!

Enter my saving grace.  My husband.  He has been a great sport as I have drug him through this weight lifting competition prep journey.  You see, he cooks almost all the meals in our house.  As prep has gotten tighter he has started to prep a whole week’s worth of lunches for me as he saw me struggling to find things to pack for lunch.  Every weekend he has been making me a full week of chicken breast for lunch.  They have all sorts of different seasonings on them.  He then weighs and packs them up for me.  Often, he will even put the sides together for me.  Typically, broccoli, green beans, or sweet potatoes. Without him I would starve to death or not stay on track with my macros.

His sacrifice of time has saved my tail more times than I count.  He helps me not stress about what I am going to be eating.  And since he has already created the meal I am more likely to eat it.   When it’s me cooking I seem to think I need to come up with something new at every meal. It’s weird how content I am to eat similar things day after day when they are already weighed and prepped for me vs. if I have to materialize something myself.

I realize not everyone has a partner or a partner that is willing to prep their meals for them.  Make it a priority one of the weekend days to meal prep for the rest of the week.  Don’t get fancy or worry about making several different dishes.  Make a staple protein and switch up your sides.  Your future self will thank you.