Everyone has heard of “fat-shaming”.  Fat-shaming is where one party pokes fun, or shames the other party about their size, typically being seen as overweight.  Not everyone who is fat-shamed actually is overweight.  But that doesn’t mean that person doesn’t feel the pain of being fat-shamed.  Society has some pretty unobtainable standards for “ideal-weight”.  But what a lot of people don’t realize that as much as there is fat-shaming there is fit-shaming as well.  This is where one party makes fun or shames the other party for their size, typically being seen as being too lean, thin or fit.

I have always been a thinner frame.  I had heard the snorts about me needing to eat more and seen the eye rolls when I expressed frustration about feeling fluffy at a particular time.  As I have progressed in my fitness journey into the realm of competing it has gotten worse.  The shocking and maddening thing is that it comes from all body types including other “fit” people.  I had a person who works out regularly, who I would classify as "fit", and knows that I am competing bring me in a big, fat, delicious brownie.  It was from the bakery down the street and it smelled like how I imagine unicorns smell.  If you know me at all you know that sweets, but especially brownies, are my weakness.  Do you know how hard it was to walk in and put it on their desk?  And then the flack I get for not eating it “But I bought that for you?  You aren’t going to eat it?  I know you like them.”  Yes, you butthole.  I do like them. Like them very much but in less than a few months’ time I will be cramming my butt into, collectively, six inches of fabric and asking people to judge me based on my looks!  I don’t have the luxury to indulge in brownies at this moment.  I have goals, big ones, that do not include brownies unfortunately.  I am choosing to compete so I am choosing to not eat brownies.
I also get so tired of hearing “one bite won’t kill you” or “it’s just a little candy bar”.  You know what?  I am aware that I will not die with one bite.  But do you think I just want to stop at one little bite?  A confectionary game of “just the tip”?  No, thank you.  I know it’s a little candy bar but do YOU know how many grams of fat and carbs are in there?!  When a person is trying to cut they don’t have extra fat or carbs to blithely throw away on thirty seconds of sweet tooth satisfaction.

Why is it socially acceptable to shame me for being fit?  It isn’t.  Stop making “jokes” about people’s weight or size.  Stop making others feel bad or their lives harder for not being your standard of correct size.  I am going to work on me.  I am going to lift weights and do my cardio.  I am not going to eat every square of chocolate that my eyes land on.  Not because I don’t want to but because it doesn’t align with my long term goals.  Start judging people, of all sizes, on what matters; who they are as a person.  Regardless of your body size you aren’t anything of value if you have a hateful heart and a dirty soul.  Make a difference.