I did it!!

I did it!!

If you have been hanging around me or following my blog posts you may have picked up that I was training for my first half marathon.  Well, that day finally came!

I ran Beat the Blerch in Seattle.  What is a Blerch you ask?  It is a fat little cherub that follows you everywhere encouraging you slow down, to quit and do all manner of unhealthy things.  It is described in a wonderful web comic called “The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances” by The Oatmeal aka Matt Inman.  This comic is actually what helped motivate me to start exercising and running.  It helped me know that I was definitely not abnormal.  That other people struggled with rewarding themselves with fat snacks and Netflix binges for unhealthy amounts of time.  The description of the Blerch is EXACTLY what I feel so many days.

So Mr. Oatmeal created a glorious race in honor of all our Blerchs.  Whether we are trying to outrun them or embrace them or both.  Last year was the very first year and I did the 10K.  This year I graduated to the half marathon.  At the aid stations there is cake, Nutella sandwiches, and magic purple drink.  Throughout the race there are comfy couches, Sasquatch and Blerchs personified.  At the end there are more snacks to be had.  This run there was chocolate drizzled, bacon sprinkled, whip cream topped marshmallows!!  I mean really?!  It’s a magical and beautiful creation.

I don’t have any notions that I am going to break the sound barrier with my speedy running.  Or even come remotely close to top three finishers.  My goal for myself is to complete the race in the middle of the pack.  And guess what folks?  I did that and better.  I placed slightly ABOVE middle of the pack!!  My time was 2 hours and 20 minutes (don’t mind me while I toot my own horn).  I know the pressing question is did I in fact consume cake, Nutella sandwiches and magic purple drink during my run.  The answer is abso-freakin-lutely!  But this was an endurance race so I made sure to pace myself.  One item at each aid station, I had a system.

My goal is to do the full marathon next year.  The half left me creaky and taking a week off but I want to be able to check it off my ‘bucket list’.  The Beat the Blerch pays homage to my inner fat kid that I regularly struggle with (and sometimes lose to).  Besides it’s really the best of both worlds.  I will be high on endorphins and cake!

 Keep smashing those goals boys and girls!  Let there be agony, let there be cake!!