A Strong, fit ...mom?

I am watching American Ninja Warrior last night (which is quite enjoyable. Equal parts of motivating and disheartening for my progress) and something peaked my interested. A lady was competing and as she started out the obstacle course she stated "I am going to be the first mom to make it up the warped wall" Which got me thinking, 

Why does motherhood not parallel with fit, strong women?

Motherhood changes you. I get that. We get rounder and softer. That is the way that it is supposed to be, but that doesn't mean that once we are moms we can no longer have a fit body. Here is the real kicker! Its not our bodies that pose the biggest hurdle. Its our head. Just like we are designed to get wider and softer for babies, we become martyrs!

Kid is sick? Gym can wait. Field trip? Gym can wait. Kids want pizza? Easy enough. Husband has a work dinner? They're serving pasta? Well, I don't want to be rude...

No one has more reasonable, viable excuses not to get fit than mothers. Last year this picture caused a substantial amount of upheaval. Women around the country were up in arms. "Whats my excuse? Excuse me? I got it. What was my excuse? That my last baby was over 11 lbs? Yeah, but that was 9 years ago. How long am I going to ride that out? That my son has seizures, so I need to be here for him... but hes at school right now?

The struggle of being a mom is one of the greatest challenges. Everyday that I take some time to put my needs first, even for an hour-- I become a better mom. When I exercise. My kids exercise. When I don't fold and eat pizza my kids aren't eating pizza. How are we to decipher the line between being selfish and self care? As women we are biologically designed to be the care takers, if there is only enough of something for one person our child's needs come first. This holds true for me, my kids ALWAYS need something. I have spent over a year justifying to myself why going to the gym and having a trainer isin't a fair decision for my family. Until my son said his favorite thing to do with me is watch TV. His favorite memory with me is sitting on the couch, staring at a picture that involves no communication, no excitement and no growth. 

Its hard to focus on ourselves, and the cliche saying holds more truth for moms (or any parent, really) than anyone else. We cant take care of anything if we are not taking care of ourselves. No one likes a crazy, unhappy, frazzled, mom. I look at my time with the trainer as a gift to my kids and my husband. Even if emotionally I am not ready to own that just taking some time to struggle through a few squats and dips is a gift to myself.