In the words of the one and only glorious Freddie Mercury, 
"Fat bottomed girls make the rockin' world go round"

Yup, This is true.  I watched a documentary on what makes women attractive on a subconscious level and the first thing is a symmetrical face, followed very closely by figure. Very specifically wide hips & butt and a narrow waist. It is the easiest visual representation of health in a woman. Well I totally have wide hips and a big butt, so I should be maxed out on the attractiveness scale right? Nope.  I've had an office job for 15 years, bend at the knees to pick things up, and had never done anything more than a body weight squat (incorrectly) prior to coming to Mike.
The first time I came into see Mike, his obsession with glutes had me floored.  What is this dude talking about? and why doesn't he say butt? booty? rump? I've known plenty of butt guys in my life and I have never heard "look at the glutes on her"   Why does he have to be so technical? Is he a butt guy or a doctor?  I'm so confused.

Having a nice butt is way more complex than being a fat bottomed girl.  Ive come to learn our glutes (OH look at me now, calling them glutes) have all sorts of important jobs.  For me superficially I really just want a nice butt, but if you read my previous post, I also NEED strong glutes to support my poor little noodle spine.  I have come to expect that when I meet with Mike I am going to receive an ass-whoopin.  Literally & Figuratively.  It seems in this new world of fitness I am venturing into glutes are gold.   We also see this in Hollywood, but more the "appearance of glutes".    Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Nikki Minaj --Lets just be really honest their butts are hideous.  Compared to the glutes of women who regularly weight train, there are stark differences.

I think I want the easy way.  I wish it was as easy as a butt implant or a 30 day squat challenge.  After a 30 day challenge I'm still just a fat bottom girl.  The deeper my goals grow inside me, I'm realizing I actually want to be a fit bottomed girl.