There are a few things that get me really excited; baby animals, free stuff, awesome sales, cake (really any bakery good), finding money in my pocket, to name a few.  I found another thing that makes me very excited.  Seeing more muscle definition! 

The first time this ever happened was after I started running regularly.  It was an odd way to realize the newly visible muscles.  I was getting up off the toilet and thought “OMG where did that muscle come from?!” (in my leg).  I then spent some extra time admiring my newly discovered muscle.  I fell off the running wagon for a while and the muscle wasn’t as prominent and I noticed that made me a little sad.

Now that I have been working with Mike there is a lot more muscle definition I am noticing.  It’s probably subtle that no one else is really going to notice.  Mike can see some change but I think he has a competitive edge of what he is looking for.  It is really noticeable when I am at the gym lifting those dreaded heavy items.  I have noticed it in some of the pictures I have posted.  It makes me excited. 

I think the part of my body that will stay stubborn to the end is going to be my stomach.  The kangaroo pooch feels justified in staying right where it is.  Yea, yea, abs are made in the kitchen but so are brownies.  You see the dilemma.   I am still striving towards success in the eating aspect of my goals but it is HARD.  There is now way to fluff that and make it pretty.  I guess if all this were easy everyone would do it.

Now, if you excuse me, I am going to go admire my new found muscles in the mirror.