Competitor Blog: The Feedings - How I plan for food success at events

There are a lot of people who start the fitness journey and say “I am going to be bikini ready! Gym won’t know what hit it! Abs are mine by summer!”. They go to the gym and a lot of people really do try hard while they are there. But what is a million times more difficult than making yourself go to the gym every day and lift things up and down or get that dreaded cardio in, is food.

Food has ingrained itself into just about every nook and cranny of our social structure. Birthday parties, anniversaries, baby showers, meetings, reuniting friendships, just general snacks hanging around the office. Food. Is. EVERYWHERE! And people get weird about other people not eating the food. I still enjoy participating in celebrations and catching up with friends. It just takes a bit more planning now on my part.

Here are some tips that help me survive events.

  • Eat a nice full meal before you go. Not some tiny little snack, a bit of lunch meat, saying it will hold you over. It won’t. Leave your place feeling full and satisfied. 
  • Pack yourself snacks in the car. My go to is cottage cheese. It’s relatively low in fat and has a decent amount of protein and can be scarfed pretty quickly. Jerky is another compact snack which is even easier to pack. 
  • Carry around a drink. I usually will grab a water or iced tea to have around with me. Other people are uncomfortable with the concept of you not eating. I don’t know why but this is a thing. When they see a beverage in hand they are able to relax that you are partaking with them. They don’t have to know what is in the cup. 
  • If the event is going to be particularly long, pack a lunch too. This is less likely to help you seamlessly blend into a group but it will ensure you stay on task. Make up any story you like. I stick with the truth: I am an athlete and I am training for an upcoming competition. If they want to know more they will ask.

You will get razzed from time to time but most of the people who do this are trying to be funny and lighten the mood. They do not understand the sacrifice and dedication it takes not to fall headfirst into the fruit tray (which are tons of carbs and you know you shouldn’t “eyeball” the weight). You absolutely can have your social time AND stick to your meal goals. It just takes some strong will and dedication.