Competitor Blog: The Day the Plague Came

I was finally starting! I was going to see Mike, getting to the gym fairly regular, and starting to get my fitness life in order. It wasn’t perfect yet but all the things were finally being set into motion. And then it happened; a slight discomfort in my throat. I tried to play it off that it was a fluke. There was no way I was getting sick! I take vitamin C, I get lots of rest, I wash my hands, surely I could NEVER get sick. I woke up and the irritation was still there but again I lived in denial and drug myself to the gym. My workout was, at best, half assed but I figured that was better than no assed. I went to work but now the discomfort had mutated to a cough, just a slight one. Now, I try to be thoughtful to my co-workers. Even though I was taking my carcass into work I decided I should wear a mask just in case. After all, it was one of those sickos that started this mess. 

I made it half the day and before I called it quits. I take off for home and optimistically say I will shoot to be in the next day and, at the latest, the day after that. My boss looks at me with a sad, pitying look and says “just keep me posted and take your time”. It’s like she had an oracle! 

The Virus (it deserves to be capitalized) continues its rampage through my system. It get’s worse and to add the cherry on the cake I am now getting a bloody nose every time I sneeze or cough too hard. It’s official, this beast has decided to take up residence of what was once my upper respitory system. I am afraid to blow my nose for fear of dislodging a clot but my nose is running. I am coughing so hard I am unable to catch my breath. I can’t even bother with the burden of changing my sweatpant ensemble let alone pick up heavy things.

After not being able to catch my breath I decide it is time to go see the doctor, grudgingly. They test for influenza, which in case you are wondering, is shoving a narrow q-tip up your nostril (must not sneeze out blood clot or directly in doctors face) and listen for pneumonia. Good news! I am not dying, I do not have pneumonia, I do not have influenza, I just have some OTHER virus that Satan has spawned and dispersed into my system. 

The Virus hung on happily for a full 10 days! Then it kept some residual congestion past that. Once I was starting to finally turn the corner to healed days and sunny skies a migraine struck. I was laid up in my chair with motion sickness, light, smell and noise sensitivity. If I had the strength I would of dramatically called “WHY ME?!” while shaking my fists at the sky. As it was, I was laying in a carefully propped position trying to choke down a cracker and migraine meds while clutching a puke bucket.

Two whole weeks I was incapacitated for one reason or another. Fortunately, a person does not magically lose all the gains they have received. Nor do you lose the knowledge of what you need to do (motivation is questionable on loss). For me I shifted my focus and energy into recovering. That is what my body needed. I am super glad it happened now instead of near show date so I had more flexibility in my “sick dieting” which is essentially me eating carbs or anything else that sounds good because if I died tomorrow from the damn cold I would want to be a little happy.

So if you are getting sick make sure you get plenty of rest and fluids. Also practice good hand washing (use soap and sing the ABC’s) as well as wear a face mask if you are out and about. It’s OK to look weird if you save me from getting the plague again. Stay healthy people!!