Competition Makeup – Bigger, Bolder, Better

I have spent years trying to tame my makeup into a monster that doesn’t look like it is taking over my face.  Enter competition.  Now I need to apply my make up like a drag queen. This goes against everything that I have strived to master.

In competition you need to apply your makeup as “stage makeup”. Never worked on stage? Well this means really cake it on; bigger, bolder, better!  Think about it; your audience is sitting very far away, even in the front row they cannot see if your eyeliner is on point or that your eyeshadow is complementary to your outfit.  Heck! Sometimes they can’t even see if you have eyebrows!
I had a difficult time getting my makeup on “thick” enough.  Every fiber of my being resisted against putting the fortieth swipe of color across my eyelid.  I felt like a baby giraffe after I got my eyelashes applied *blink blink*.  And let’s not even get started on the great lip color debate.

What will help make this process easier when it is go time?  Where do we start for everything these days?  Why, the internet of course!  Google and Youtube bikini competition makeup and stage makeup.  You can see pictures, get tips and tricks and start planning out the concepts of your look.  Start playing with concepts weeks in advance.  I went to the Ulta counter and got a sample of Urban Decay’s Naked 7.75 foundation. This is the color you will be after your spray tan.  Or the color that you want your face to be.  Practice applying your foundation and play with what color eyeshadow colors you think will look nice.  Try your suit on with a fresh face of war paint and see if it looks complimentary.  Practice often with fake eyelashes if you don’t have much experience.  Remember that not all eye balls are one size fits all when it comes to lashes, you may need to trim your eyelash strip. 

The more you practice and tweak your look in advance the more comfortable you will become with the stage makeup techniques.  That way when it is show time you will be that more comfortable with the process.  Either that or pay for professional makeup.