“Normal” People Don’t Care About Your Macros

I have never been “normal” so that isn’t new to me.  But I have never been into ‘dieting’ either.  Since I have started following IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) I have alienated myself even further.

When you first get your macros given to you there is a bit of an adjustment period.  There is a struggle of balancing the macro nutrients and figuring out the magic to getting them all to balance just right.  The first time you see all of the goals met across the board it’s like you are seeing a unicorn rearing in a colorful sunrise, it is breath takingly beautiful!  Surely, everyone you know and love wants to hear about your magical experience!  The truth is most people, normal people, non IIFYM people don’t give a rip about it.  A lot of people don’t even know what IIFYM is.  And even after explaining I still have people look at me perplexed. 

I have to remind myself that normal people are not experiencing what I am.  They haven’t put this set up magical hurdles in front of themselves.  For example: I really don’t care that you have been on an all kale diet for the last three days.  That sounds like hell, please excuse me while I eat this delicious cheeseburger.  And that’s when I realize it’s the same for those people when they hear me talking about my macros.  They don’t know what it is except that some sort of restraint that is required and ergo not fun.

There is light at the end of the tunnel however.  With the advances in technology you can find a support group on social media and the like.  As well as connect with friends from the gym in real life who are experiencing the same thing but not necessarily the same macros.  These friends will become invaluable.  When you feel like you have hit rock bottom and you can’t eat another morsel of protein they can cheer you on or suggest something that has worked well for them.  You can find and share recipes on the online forums and groups.  When you hit your numbers just right and all your goals are met you can screenshot it and send it to these friends and they will be genuinely excited.  They know the struggles, they know the dedication, and they know the pride that you feel.  Seems so silly but it feels good to share something that for being so little is enormously hard.

So it’s ok normal people.  I forgive you.  You aren’t trying to alienate me.  I realize you don’t understand why eating that fun sized candy bar would ruin everything.  Please try not to judge me as I weigh my food and don’t jump up and down for the chance at impromptu lunch out.  Today’s transgressions will reflect in next week’s body and next week’s body has some lofty goals.  I forgive you, please try to forgive me.