Being in a Funk

Usually I go to the gym and although not always excited to be there I typically don’t mind being there.   I still give 100% and joke around with Mike.

This last week I noticed in a lot of things, not just the gym, I just haven’t been feeling it.  I don’t know if it’s the clouds and rain, the surmounting stress of life, PMS or the rolling in of the holidays but I don’t feel like myself.  I haven’t been able to sleep well and I have not been satisfied with my gym trips.  It felt as if I was just going through the motions of what was wanted.  I got a good sweat and worked hard but I didn’t feel satisfied.

Let’s face it I have the “blues”.  Doesn’t really matter if it is seasonal depression or the regular kind, it sucks.  To complicate matters I am an emotional eater.  So even though I am not hungry my brain starts to send signals we should eat to attempt to illicit a satisfaction response.  Can I have snacks?  Absolutely.  Can I have the one my tongue is telling my brain it needs, yes but not in the quantity desired and not without planning.
These feelings or lack of satisfaction makes meeting goals difficult.  It makes keeping up on interesting blog topics difficult.  It makes killing it in the gym difficult.  It makes hitting macros consistently difficult.  It makes enjoying the little things in life difficult. 
At this point, it isn’t a very big concern but it is certainly something I will keep an eye on.  I want to be able to enjoy the gym, sleep and life again.  The holidays are over.  The days are now getting longer.  Hopefully, expensive items in my home will stop breaking.  I will be swearing and smiling in the gym soon, I just know it.

For an entertaining yet serious web comic about depression check out Hyperbole and a Half: Depression Part Two.  Please note I am NOT to this stage but I understand the picture she paints.  She also is the artist of the lovely image above!