What do you do when your own body hates itself? (Part 2)

I wrote recently about my ever recurring stomach pain and the battle within.  I had just come back from vacation with a renewed sense of vigor.  Unfortunately, that was incredibly short lived.

I tried to eat within my macros and somehow always seemed to wind up painful.  Mike and I talked and agreed I was going to have to let the macros go for a bit to see if there was any improvement.  Maybe I needed more carbs or fat?  The first half of the week after this decision went swimmingly well.  I wasn’t painful, I was eating everything in my path, the world felt right.  And then it happened.  Pain and lots of it.  I am not sure why my stomach had suddenly decided this was not gonna work but it certainly let it be known.

I called into my primary doc and requested to be referred out for an endoscopy.  The original place wanted me to wait a month for a consult.  A month?!  I felt like I was dying daily.  I would lay awake at night with my mind cataloging a list of the most horrible possibilities.  Fortunately, I was able to get them to send the referral to another office and they managed to get me in the next week for both consult and procedure.  Now I don’t WANT to be anesthetized or go through more than necessary but I didn’t know if I could keep sane if I had to play much more of the “what if it’s….” game, not to mention the pain.

It was a relief to hear that they didn’t see any cancer.  That is where my brain was fixated.  They took several samples for biopsies to rule out any other issues although the whole exam was pretty unremarkable.  I was sent home with two different medications to try.  One daily the other for any break through symptoms.  The goal was to slow my stomach down and eventually get off the medications once more.

I have been on the meds about 2 weeks with only one painful day.  My biopsies all came back normal.    I am starting back on the food tracking wagon, it’s a process.  I am a little afraid when the time comes to stop the medication.  For now I will just take it one day at a time and hope for the best.