A favorite exercise?

I know that feels like an oxymoron, but what is your favorite exercise? Before I started getting into lifting I thought there was only:

1. Bicep curls

2. Squats

3. Sit Ups --That's it.

Like somehow everybody got fit doing a combination of those 3 exercises. The last year has been pretty exciting for me because the deeper I dive into lifting I'm realizing there is so much more to getting fit than sit ups and running. I LOVE big movements: Dead Lifts, Bench Press and I want to love squats, I just struggle with body mechanics a bit. It took me a long time to build up to larger movements. I came into the gym pretty broken, I had to start with 40lb kettle bells, and I don't mean swinging them just lifting them. Considering a gallon of milk is about 10lbs that's not saying much.

This week I finally found myself strong enough and confident enough to get in some deadlifts. I have a spinal cord injury so I'm constantly scared that I am going to get hurt. We started small and with appropriate posture lifting 100lbs off the ground was cake. The funny thing about lifting is that it not only builds your muscles and makes them stronger, but it also builds your confidence. After you get the bar up off the ground once or twice a funny thing happens, You find yourself sure that there is no way you can lift it. Then you lift it. I maxed out at 155lbs for my first try. Not too shabby for my first go at it.

Dead Lifts are my favorite! According to Bodybuilding.com Deadlifting is the crem de la crem of building mass. Unlike some other large scale movements deadlifting requires so many muscles! Building not just smooth legs and an onion booty but you have to use your back, shoulders, forearms, quads and calves! Nothing supports your body as much as your core. For me a solid core is not so much about a tiny waist and a bangin' set of abs as much as it is for pain reduction and spinal support. You dont need some complex set of weights to get in deadlifting. Truly you can dead lift jugs of rocks if need be. Cost is minimal but the benefits are huge. What I find the most appealing about this exercise is its real life application. Being able to lift is imperative to living in this world, lifting kids, lifting bags or furniture. Lifting is important. Nothing makes me feel closer to my primal body, my inherent primitive capabilities like lifting steel off the ground

There are always going to be specific parts of fitness that shake your confidence. For me that is anything that requires balance, hamstrings, nacho cheese sauce & Baklava. For every aspect that scares you there is bound to be an equal but opposite movements that make you feel amazing and reminds you of what you are truly capable of.