Weights Confidence.

I enjoy going to the gym and seeing Mike.  It’s a weird twisted sense of the word ‘enjoy’.  I don’t think there has been a single time where I cheered for what I was about to be doing.  But it’s this sense of satisfaction that I did something that I would not under my own willpower typically do.

Mike is creative in the exercises that he finds for me to do and we change it up every time.  The boundaries in which I have placed for weight lifting and the ones he sees are vastly different.

I, like a lot of women, typically do not reach for super heavy weights.  I don’t worry about bulking up, though that is a very real fear for a lot of women (you aren’t going to get bulky on accident ladies).  I am more comfortable with selecting weights that I know I will be able to handle even when I get tired.

This last week Mike suggested we use the squat rack (yay?).  He loaded up the weight systematically getting heavier and heavier.  Where I could do 10 squats before I would only be able to squeak out 5, then 2, then almost a non-existent 1.  For me it seemed silly.  One rep?  That doesn’t count!  But Mike was pleased.  He explained, that is building strength.  Even if it is one rep at a time.  Apparently, it was a PR because I squatted my body weight.  All I know is it was damn heavy and I may have broken my personal rule about grunting in the gym.

This has helped me to become more comfortable with the squat rack at the gym on my own time.  I will not load up near that heavy on my own.  But I am using a piece of equipment that I was leery of before.  Maybe one day in the future I will be able to squat my body weight but not soon.  Not if there will be grunting.

Look at that positive attitude!
Not only does seeing Mike help keep me accountable but he helps me learn how to be more comfortable by myself at the gym.  I know that if he were there with me he would still reach for a heavier weight than I would select for myself but I am selecting a way heavier weight than I would have selected in the past.  I am also more confident in form.  When I am at the gym with Mike he will make corrections and suggestions.  Although mechanics in the human body are similar to other bodies out there, my body (and yours), will have differences and nuances.   What might be a kick ass work out or intense stretch for me might be easy peasy for you and visa-versa.  I can provide that feed back to Mike and we can adjust as necessary.

I think the entire time I am at the gym I am mumbling something about how ‘stupid’ it is.  But I still enjoy it.   Maybe not the actual working out but being done is pretty awesome.  All the endorphins pinging around your brain making you feel content is pretty awesome.  So remember when you are asked to do one more set of something stupid or extra stupid that it will feel that much more awesome when you are done.  Plus,  if you do a really good job you get extra high fives and who doesn't love a high five?