In my office we do lunch out occasionally.  This lunch out I bumped into temptation.
We were at Marche on campus when I saw her.  She was beautiful.  The complexion of ripe wheat and a top of sunshine yellow.  She was the embodiment of all that is cheerful.  I wanted her.

There wasn’t much separating the two of us, just a thin piece of glass.  She could have easily been mine.  All it would of taken is one little sentence and we could be together.  Would a few minutes of pure bliss be worth trashing my hard work, my goals, my commitments?  I could consume her whole in a matter of minutes and bask in the afterglow.  But then guilt would creep in.  The backsliding would begin.  That smooth milk chocolate colored beauty behind the case would be my next desire.  It doesn’t end.  Not until the sun dies and rises on the next day and I wake with the renewed reminder of my end goals.

It was plain to see my desire to possess her on my face.  I was staring openly and I did not care.  She was so beautiful.

As much as I wanted to take her outside with me I resisted.  It wouldn’t be fair to her or myself.  I wouldn’t be able to treat her with the time she deserved.  And I would be stuck with a belly full of regrets.  Sure, at the time I wouldn’t care about the future but what about those commitments and goals?

I managed to control my impulse that day.  It was not easy to walk away.  When I bused my table after lunch I stopped to admire her delicious curves for a little while longer.  I almost buckled but somehow I resisted.  That lemon tart was the most beautiful thing I have seen.  Maybe someday we can be together but not on a whim.  I have to plan be diligent and make it special.

I hope someone appreciates you the way you deserve my lovely lemon tart.