The Cost of Showing Up

So the one thing I love/hate about personal training is that I’m pretty much guaranteed to go. And when I go, I get my money’s worth. Most of the time I get a lot more than my money’s worth.

If stuff is cheap, we value it that way. The more we pay for something the more we value it. It can even make wine taste better

But it’s also a signal to ourselves how important it is and we respond!

I look at both the money and valuable time I invest in these workouts and the mere fact that I will show up even when I really don’t want to and work twice as hard event when I don’t want to - SO WORTH IT! I am worth it and the investment in Mike is worth it. Every single freakin’ time I walk out of that workout with Mike I feel so incredibly good about myself. Five gym workouts a week do not compare to the intensity I reach with personal guidance, attention and encouragement.

We don’t let the gym membership monies into our conscious mind because we’re ashamed we’re not using them. I have zero shame in the money and TIME I invest in personal training because I know it’s worth it. I am guaranteed one arse kicking a week no matter what.

This post kind of ended up being a complete smooch on the booty of my personal trainer but what can I say. I really don’t want to workout tonight. I want another glass of wine (yeah I said another, wanna make something of it?). But here I go jamming myself into my sports bra and workout pants…guaranteed! Worth every penny and every second.

So I know the weights are tiny but holy Hell
we had to move them up down right left
back and forth a thousand times!