It's All About that Bass

It was Booty Booty Day today in the Land of Mike Welch, Professional Butt Sculptor. I believe at one point I actually said, "I think my butt is actually going to just pop right off!"

It did not. It is still there but since I started working with Mike it seems to sit a bit higher than it used to. Lots of squats. LOTS. And deeeeeep. I would like to state for the record at no point did I sh*t myself. I know it looks like I was close but kegels have many bonuses (and per Mike you really should engage your pelvic floor when squatting - so you don't sh*t yourself!).

But as usual we started with warming up. Some evil stair climbing while I stared at a giant bruise on Biz's arm and distracted us from our burning legs by making up a true story as to how she got it (farm animals were involved and Settlers of Catan).

One of the reasons I go to a trainer is because I would never work out this hard on my own. The other reason is he tells me things like, "Do glute activation on your elbows to restrict lumbar spine compensation." It's a lot of big words but basically it's helping me protect lower back.

The next phase of the workout involved skipping and bounding (leaping diagonally forward right then left). This was great because it raises your heart rate, works on balance and explosive motion for strength. I have been trying to do some Tabatas between sessions and I plan to add bounding and skipping in with the flat out running. I will look weird on the bark path but I'm okay with that. I can re-inflate my ego but checking out my booty afterwards.

We then just did all kinds of squats and leg presses and single-leg-dead-leg-don't-make-me-lift-my-leg-again lifts.

We ended the session with Mike asking each of us what we needed for the next week. I needed to fill out my food journal and Biz needed to follow through on her PT exercises for her knee. Mike gave us our assignments and promised to check in with us next week. That help with accountability is a big deal.
I had to laugh at our friends Jim and Brenda as Biz and I filtered out and they started their warm up...they had no idea it was Booty Booty Day. Enjoy that foam roller and sweat-free brow while you can!