TransActive Fitness: The Sweet Spot

My body aches for days after our workout.

I am not injured, I am not unhappy, I am just sore.

There is a good kind of a sore when your head's in the game, when you have have a trainer that pushes you past your perceived limits but not past your limits of personal safety.

This is the sweet spot.

Sometimes I judge myself at the point of “failure” when I physically cannot finish the set I am doing. Sometimes I lament outloud. Mike is always good at reminding me that when I cannot finish the last couple it is because we have found the sweet spot, the right point, and if I could finish then we hadn’t yet found it.

Working with a personal trainer serves so many purposes. To help us authentically stay within our sweet spot, to help us avoid getting injured, and to put our successes and perceived failures in context. There is a physical sweet spot, and also an emotional and mental sweet spot.

As a trans person there are ways I limit myself all the time with my thought processes, and also ways perhaps I set a higher bar that is not realistic for me to reach. All of these things could keep me from moving forward. Having someone external who believes in me, and can work with me to find my sweet spot in every session impacts not only my workouts, but also my way of thinking about myself in the world.

Thanks Mike.