TransActive Fitness - Diastasis Recti

So I had a baby. A 10 pound, 23 inch baby who has grown in a man who is 180lbs and 6”8”. I gained 40 pounds when I had him, and lost 28lb was gone with him  in the first two weeks. It was a big stretch. My abdomen has never been the same. It caused a condition called Diastasis Recti, which is a separation of the abdominal muscles that causes a visual “pooch” of the belly, amongst other potential challenges I have lived with this for 22 years, and still not made peace with it.

Medical transition does not make this situation better, both in regards to taking testosterone and top surgery. I no longer have breasts that protrude further than my belly, and the fat distribution in a testosterone dominant person centers more on the belly, rather than in the hips and  hips and butt. There are deviations and various combinations of this, of course. I was one of these deviations - carrying weight almost exclusively in the front of my body - from the get-go.

So Mike and I are working on abs in addition to upper body. He shared with me that we are working on the neural connection to the abs and core, specifically developing one. For me, it is easy to see where I have avoided this connection, there is trauma there. We may all have hidden disconnections in our relationships with our bodies, it is important to have a safe space to explore them, to reconnect, to heal.

Bird dogs with kettlebells, yoga ball work, and…

“Grab the bars, steady yourself on the straps, hand and lift your legs to tap the pad in front of you.”

I look up and the bars that perhaps a 6” man could easy each, and say “Ya think?”

“Yes I do. You can use my hand.”

I grab his hand and grab the bars above my head. My feet in these straps are almost a split distance apart, and the stretch feels really good.

Hanging there, improving my grip by holding my body weight, I breathe and focus, not using any momentum but my full on core strength.  I tap the pad in front of me...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8..who knew? I am done. We rest.

“ more set!...”

I got this.