TransActive Fitness: The Tao of Turkish Get UPs

There are 11 movements to get in and out of a Turkish Get-Up the way I think of it.

Each movement requires power and focus. Each movement is an act of mindfulness, strength and flexibility - both emotional and physical. These movements do not feel “natural” per say, but they feel important. There is a sense of accomplishment in making the movements more precise efficient each and every time, though not faster. When we do Turkish Get-Ups, it is a time to move in a measured way, to be present with ourselves. When we can really reframe this time “me-time,” the net result of Turkish Get-Ups as a practice is far greater than just  getting “swoll.”

In this one exercise lies the foundation of what we are creating with TransActive Fitness. In this program, we will absolutely encounter movements that may not feel natural, and likely contradictory to what we were told our bodies should do - or COULD do. These same movements will leave us changed for the better on the other side. Mike ASKS (never demands) us to push ourselves in these ways, and while we are used to being pushed in ways that have harmed us, we have the opportunity to learn what it feels like to be pushed in ways that are supportive. We are offered this time to tune into a body we may have spent a long time tuning out of. Every moment spent in healthy movement may serve as an of offering of gratitude to every muscle we have become disconnected from or neglected. The progress, however we mark it individually, is very personal, and Mike is an ally in seeing those benchmarks.

All of this gain possible in 11 focused movements? Try the Turkish Get-Ups, they come highly recommended.